Stormshadow (or Sturmaloon) is the shaman of the Twilight People, who come from another universe. After fighting an eon-old war against the Dark Trinity (Shivar, Dhaarmanga and Mandina), Stormshadow and Gal, King of the Twilight Race, used the power of Kera (Akhanakeralakeraton), the essence of darkness of their own universe, to leave their dying cosmos and thus arrived in our universe.

There, they were met by the Towers, with whom they lived in uneasy peace, until a conflict erupted about the ownership of Kera, which had been weaponzized by the Towers. The war was triggered by Kruge, Gal's evil brother, who murdered Gal and took the Kera Weapon back from the Towers, plotting to use it to achieve his own ends. 

A cosmic war ensued, which the Twilight People lost. They were forced to flee,  first finding refuge on Mû, then after its destruction, on Earth. During the age of Atlantis, Kruge murdered Galark, Gal's son, and forced Stormshadow and his brother to revert to their dragon forms. Kruge's misuse of Kera sank Atlantis, but the weapon was seized by Galorn, Galark's son, broken into four components, and hidden at the bottom of the ocean, in a parallel dimension, under the Earth, and in Tibet.

Stormshadow's brother became insane and, in 280 A.D., he was killed by Geryon of Cappadoce. Stormshadow himself was released from his dragon form by Dragut in 1546. In the late 17th century, Stormshadow sent Galaor to Mû to honor the ancient alliance between the Twilight People and the Emperors of the Planet of Gold.

In the early 1800, Stormshadow spent some time with Scarlet Lips. In 1844, he helped the Texan crime-fighter Drago. During the Civil War, he assumed the identity of Zapo to fight for justice. In 1860, he founded theFrontiersmen with Drago and the Sparrowhawk. Later, he located the descendents of Gal, who now lived under the name "Damon" and teamed up with the original Dick Demon. Finally, he spent some time in Louisiana as Stormalong, the Ghost of the South. 

In modern times, Stormshadow has devoted most of his energies preparing young Dick Demon to fight Kruge. With the help of his assistant Roxy, he aided Dick against the Jade Flower and Shadrak, Kruge's son. He eventually fought alongside the Strangers during the final battle which resulted in Kera's destruction.