HEXAGON COMICS currently publishes four regular series of comics in France: the Classic Reprints which consists of 500+-page b&w trade paperbacks reprinting the original comics from the 1950s-80s; plus three series of comic-books: Garde Republicain (44-page, color), Strangers (44-page, b&w) and Strangers Universe (44-page, color), an anthology title. Past series include Kabur (10 hardovers, color) and Hexagon Universe (60-page anthology, color). Some English-language translations of these titles have been licensed to Black Coat Press and are available for purchase on this site. French titles may be purchased here.

English-language books

French-language - Classic series

French-language - Strangers

French-language - Guardian of the Republic

French-language - Kabur

French-language - Strangers

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Over 60 series from HEXAGON COMICS are now available as e-comics on comixology, and global comix and more are added every month. Check out the link...


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HEXAGON COMICS has licensed the rights to issue new novels and story story collections to French publisher Riviere Blanche and US publisher Black Coat Press. Four novels and three collections have already been released. The first novel was translated into English and was released by Black Coat Press in the U.S. It is available for purchase on this site. French titles may be purchased here.

Black Coat Press

Riviere Blanche

Role-playing game

HEXAGON COMICS has licensed the rights to its characters and universe to leading French RPG company Les XII Singes, which has so far released seven modules written by Romain d'Huissier & Laurent Duvernay, with more to come. Check out the link...

XII Singes

Trading Cards

HEXAGON COMICS has released a first series of trading cards featuring a number of its characters through Wanga Comics.


Bob Lance, Sibilla, and Count St. Germain were optioned by producer J. Todd Harris. This option has now expired.

Platinum Studios' former option on the Hexagon Comics universe has now expired. All rights have reverted to the company and are available.