Dragut is a descendent of Geryon of Cappadoce (aka Saint-George) who, in 280 A.D., at the behest of Cagliostro, one of the Immortal Twelve, killed a dragon in the city of Silcha. That beast was Stormshadow's brother, whom Geryon released from the curse who had been inflicted upon him by the Dark Lord of Twilight, Kruge. Geryon's blood was tainted with the blood of the Dragon, and his descendents acquired certain "magical" powers.

Dragut was born circa 1516. His family was hunted by a branch of the Inquisition known as the Holy Providence, who sought to kill the "Heirs of the Dragon," whom they knew to be agents of the Twelve. In 1528, Dragut was forcibly separated from his mother. In 1536, his younger sister, Elena Drago, was born, and his mother was killed by the Holy Providence. Elena was then adopted and raised by Cagliostro. In 1538, Dragut began to serve in the Barbaresque (ie: Turkish) navy under Ar Reis, before becoming the protégé of Kaireddin, the powerful Sultan of Algiers. In the following years, Dragut fought Andrea Doria, raided Venetian ships, and was eventually promoted to the captaincy of his own ship, the Chaitan.

In 1540, Dragut was taken prisoner and would have been executed, but was rescued by Cagliostro. He spent three years in Italy before rejoining Kairedin's navy, but still knew nothing about his ancestry. In 1545, Dragut met the Judge of the Holy Providence in Cadix and began to suspect the truth.

In 1546, Dragut agreed to undertake a mission for Cagliostro. He crossed the Atlantic to the Sargasso Sea, where he met Wampus, fought the sorcerer Maleficus, and rescued the Scepter of Moloch. On his return journey, he met Stormshadow, who was also trapped in the form of a dragon, and released him; thus, he learned the secret of his origins. Then, he met the vampire woman Scarlet Lips, alongside whom he fought Captain Garsio. Finally, he met with the Holy Providence again, and killed the Judge who had murdered his mother.

Soon after his return to Algiers, Kaireddin died (in 1546) and Dragut found himself in disfavor with his successor, Hassan Pasha. His adventures during this period of his life remain mostly unchronicled, except for his mission to Mexico in 1561 where he fought Bal-Sagur alongside the Guardian of the Republic.

History claims that Dragut was killed in 1565 during the siege of Malta, but in reality, he survived. We saw him in 1568 in Venice when he fought the Dawn and when Cagliostro ordered him to emigrate to America. His ultimate fate therafter remains unknown.

French Reprints

1. Dragut
2. Le Château du Comte Robert
3. Le Prisonnier d'El Djezair
4. La Galère Noire
5. L'Enfant-Lion
6. Le Bagne des Galériens
7. La Piste d'Aurore
8. Le Médaillon

New Adventures

1. Maleficus
2. L'île du Dragon
3. Le Secret du Dragon
4. Les Eaux de la Mort
7. Le Bras de Dagon
6. Duel au Fond des Eaux
7. Le Vaisseau Fantôme
8. Capitan Garsio
9. L'Île des Croatoan
10. Le Fils du Dragon
11. Bain de Sang
12. Bouche Rouge
13. Le Sceptre de Moloch
14. La Sainte-Providence
15. Le Feu de Dieu
16. La Vengeance de Dragut

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