In 1861, when the American Civil War was in full swing , a mysterious dapper crimefighter known only as Zapo (in English: Zeph for Zephyr because of his ability to appear and disappear like the wind) becomes the protector of the weak and the oppressed, and of all the victims of this senseless conflict. Pursued by the armies of both the North and the South, Zapo is the enemy of no one, but boldly thwarts all the schemes aimed at increasing the misery which overwhelms the civil population, including fighting  outlaws and renegade Indians. Zapo, like Stormalong, was an avatar of Stormshadow.

French Reprints

1. L'or du Rio Grande
2. Un Lache
3. Exécution à l'aube
4. Déserteur
5. La Ville assiégée
6. Heures tragiques
7. Le fantôme de la Trinidad
8. L'Ombre du déshonneur