Stormalong -- a.k.a. the Ghost of the South -- was a mysterious crime-fighter operating in 19th century Louisiana and in the Gulf of Mexico. He wore a series of lifelike masks. Among his aliases were Hugh Walker, a talented tavern singer and guitar-player, and the dreaded pirate Alving Faulkner. Stormalong claimed to have become a hero in order to make up for the evil deeds of his pirate ancesors. In reality, he was an avatar of Stormshadow.

French Reprints

1. Chasse à l'Homme
2. Le Navire du Diable
3. Révolte
4. Le Fantôme du Sud
5. La Preuve
6. Lutte sans merci
7. Le Pli au 8 sceaux
8. La Méprise
9. L'Ile Mystérieuse
10. [sans titre]
11. [sans titre]
12. Le Mariage