Dick Demon II


Richard "Dick" Damon is a descendant of Gal, the first Lord of theTwilight People who fled his people from another universe after fighting the Dark Trinity of Shivar, Dhaarmanga and Mandina. They eventually came into conflict with the Towers over a "weapon" which contained Kera, the evil essence of their native universe. Gal's brother, the evil Kruge, eventually murdered Gal and caused a vast cosmic war, which the Twilight People lost. They found refuge on Mû. Then, after its destruction, on Earth, in Atlantis.  Kruge eventually killed Galark, the son of Gal, took possession of Kera and caused the destruction of Atlantis, but he was defeated by Galorn (grandson of Gal), Ptath and Stormshadow and lost Kera. However, he remained the master of the Twilight People: vampires, werewolves, sgape-shifters and monsters. Among the later descendents of Gal were Galor of Avalon and his son, Gallix, and later, Galaor. Along the ages, the name "gal" became "ghul" and, in modern times, "damon" or "demon" when the family moved to America in the 18th century. The western crime-fighters Dick and Sebastian Damon continued the tradition of fighting evil. After his return, Stomshadow secretly aided and guided the Damon family, which moved to California in the early 1900s.

In modern-times, Tom Damon set up a Santa Monica-based detective agency to handle the Twilight People's unique cases. He was assisted by the preternaturally old Guido and Balmor, who'd already helped the 19th century Dick Damon, and Jessica Puma, his secretary. Tom fathered twin sons: Dick, who took from the human side of the family, and Harry, who was a true shape-shifting Twilight person. Dick eventualy left Los Angeles to go and study law at Harvard where he befriended Beverly Boyd, daughter of the famous Senator Boyd. Meanwhile, in the course of his investigations, Tom found clues about the wherabouts of the long-lost Kera weapon, then mysteriously vanished. Dick was then forced to return to Los Angeles. Dick later found his father's remains thanks to Morgane, and teamed up with the Strangers and Lucifer to defeat Kruge and, ultimately, Kera herself.


1. Point de Chute
2. Nuits de Chine

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