Morgane Gorlyer is the descendent of the original Morgan Le Fey, a notorious and powerful sorceress who was King Arthur's sister, and heir to the secrets of Vivien, the Lady of the Lake, Queen of Avalon. 

Much about the original Morgane's story remains unknown. However, we know that she rescued a dying Arthur after his battle with Modred and, at the behest of the Powers, took his body to the System of New Camelot. Much later, Morgane  was persecuted by Spanish Inquisitor Torquemada, and eventually found refuge in the other-dimensional "reflection" of Lake Alos in French Britanny.

Modern-day Morgane is the daughter of  Baron Hector Gorlyer, hight priest of the god of light, Kelios, and sworn enemy of the rival dark cult of the Sons of Shivar. Moregane discovered her powers in her early 20ies and learned of her origins after meeting with her ancestress. She has not yet mastered the full extent of her abilities, nor recovered all of her ancestress' memories. 

Morgane has fallen in love with Faust, a handsome young nobleman / sorcerer's apprentice (the son of the original Faust) who was magically condemned to spend part of his life as a black cat. She has now freed Faust of that curse, although he can still transform into a cat. Faust has now become her current boy-friend.

Her previous boy-friend, Paul Torquemada, was once possessed by the spirit of his evil ancestor and became her enemy. Morgane has since run afoul of the evil sorcerer Makar and recently fought the Sons of Shivar, led by Lord Raven and Alecto, a childhood's friend. This led to her father sacrificing himself to Shivar. Morgane then helped Dick Demon find the remains of his father, and Tanka recover the Kera component in the realm of Shivar, during which she eventually killed Shivar.

On their return from New Camelot, Doug Malone entrusted the Spear of Arthur (in reality the Lance of Lug once owned by Kabur) to Morgane. 

Later, Morgane teamed up with Futura and Scarlet Lips to fight the Demon Queen Mauve and relinquished the Lance to Futura, who had just freed her from the Night Phantoms, in order to help the Strangers defeat Salamandrite No. 17.

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