Malinborne of New Camelot


Malinborne is a knight of Camelot dispatched by Merlin to New Camelot, a planet in a system of seven worlds that is the seat of an advanced magic-based, star-faring civilization. With his friends the Druid Amares, his daughter Vahilla, the shape-shifter Fedro, and the mutant known as the Librarian, Malinborne fights the evil schemes of the nefarious Smodik.

Malinborne recently teamed up with Doug Malone and Jessica Payne.

French Reprints

1. Malinbourne de Camelot (1)
2. Malinbourne de Camelot (2)
3. Malinbourne de Camelot (3)
4. Evasion
5. Le Voilier de la Mort
6. Prisonnier du bourreau
7. Amère Victoire !


Books (in English)

An adventure of Malinborne is included in Hexagon Comics: The First 70 years available for sale in our shop.