Rod Zey


Rodney Zey and his assistant Pilar work for the Patriot Oil Company, America's largest energy-producing corporation, headed by the avaricious and merciless Seldon Appopoulos. Rod is Patriot's chief agent and enforcer throughout the world, investigating accidents, sabotages, anticipating and thwarting any possible threats to Patriot's oil exploration projects, fighting other international cartels, etc. Rod Zey's loyalties have brought him in conflict with the WSU and Zembla.

He recently teamed up with Salamandrite No. 17 and manipulated Yatan into fighting Zembla, the Strangers and Joanni Bourask. He also fought the Time Rider in Ecuador, alongside Flag, Jean Girodet and El Condor.

French Reprints

Included in the volume dedicated to Ben Leonard and Rakar.

1. Prospecteurs clandestins
2. Glaces tragiques

3. Pilar n’est Jamais K.O