Zembla's father, Paul Marais, was a French gentleman-of-fortune forced to flee deep into the Karundian jungle to escape from his enemies after some business reversals. Taken in by King Naghar's hidden tribe, he fell in love with Princess Ula and secretly married her against her father's wishes. Forced to flee again, the two lovers were hunted and eventually assassinated by Ula's jealous suitor, Thudor. However, the villain was himself killed by a lioness before he could murder Paul and Ula's baby -- Zembla. 

Zembla was raised by and among lions, hence his name ("Lord of the Lions"). When he reached adulthood, he decided to use his jungle-born abilities to protect his beloved Karundan jungle. He befriended Kenny, then young native Ye-Ye and down on his luck stage magician Rasmus. Zembla has also worked alongside Queen Takuba, Antales the amazon, and agent Joanni Bourask from C.L.A.S.H., three women with whom he has been romantically linked). Zembla has also worked alongside Tanka and Mozam. He us enormously wealthy due to Karunda's mineral wealth, and secretly finances the ecological World Safety Unit of the United Nations. 

Zembla is in peak physical condition, strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina. His empathic powers enable him to communicate with animals. He has knowledge of secret jungle herbs, such as the Wascian Herb which confers an extended lifespan.

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