Joanni Bourask


 Joanni Bourask is the descendent of 16th century Johnny Bourask. Her father is Leonard Bourask, a detective in the New Orleans Police Dpt. Joanni was recruited by Miss Kiss who noticed her potential when she was interning in one of the C.L.A.S.H.'s cover companies. Joanni's training as a an Agent has been supervised by Miss Kiss. She has been assigned to a variety of information gathering and liaison missions. She befriended Zembla in Africa, and fought alongside the Strangers on the C.L.A.S.H.'s space station. She then assisted Kit Kappa in his search for his family. 

Lately, Joanni fought alongside Kit and theGuardian of the Republic agaist Astaroth in Paris, and helped Kit protect the city of Kappa from the clutches of Dr. Cybernac in Tibet. She then traveled back in time to Atlantis to assist the Strangers in their fight against Kruge. She is now back in Karunda with Zembla.