Kit Kappa


In 1941, a plane crashed near the valley of Kappa in Tibet. The sole survivor, Janet Marson, was rescued by the Mohenjo Dar from Aggartha, who had settled in the nearby city of Kappa since the destruction of Atlantis. Janet died giving birth to a boy, Kit. Because of an ancient prophecy, the lamas believed that the boy had a unique destiny to fulfill. So they taught Kit the mastery of martial arts and opened his "Third Eye". 

Once adult, Kit was sent into the West with his friend, Tapley, to fight Darma, a renegade Kappan who used his powers for evil. For about 40 years, an ageless Kit has fought for justice throught Asia and Europe. His adventures remain mostly unrecorded. 

Recently, wishing to learn more about his past and his family, Kit, with the help of Muy-Lee, Tapley's daughter, contacted the C.L.A.S.H. and embarked upon the discovery of America. Kit teamed up with agent Joanni Bourask to fight the unholy alliance of Darma and CRIMEN; then they fought alongside the Guardian of the Republic against Astaroth, before teaming up with the Strangers and Count Saint-Germain to save Kappa from the clutches of Dr. Cybernac and Maleficus. They then traveled back in time to Atlantis to help the Strangers defeat Kruge.

The city of Kappa is one of the three locations on Earth housing the living computer known as the Great Memory which stores all the knowledge of Atlantis. (Another one located in the Bermudas was destroyed by Maleficus.)

There were predecessors to Kit Kappa; one such was Xiu Kappa, a member of the Partisans: Pacific Theater.

French Reprints

1 La Cité Engloutie
2. Le Troisième Å’il
3. L'Or des Sources
4. Mission Polaire
5. Le Grand Prêtre des Mayas
6. L'Épave Mystérieuse
1. A La recherche du passé
2. Le Dragon Noir
3 Quand frappe la terreur
4 Apparences Trompeuses
5. La Jeunesse de Kit Kappa (


Xiu Kappa