Little is known about Yatan's past, except that, when animals exposed the mysterious radioactivity of Mount Damuin in Karunda developed mental faculties equals to that of man, and under the influence of Gorilla Morab, began to attack cities, led , the WSU sent a team led by Yatan, an orphan found in the Karundan Jungle, to stop the revolt. Yatan was helped in his mission by Anne Sanders, the pretty survivor from an earlier animal attack. Yatan disappeared shortly thereafter.

It was discovered recently that Yatan's power to control the animals had been indirectly responsible for Anne's death. Yatan turned misanthropic and decided to rid Karunda of Man's civilization. He was then manipulated by Rod Zey and Salamandrite No. 17 into fighting Zembla and the Strangers. When Zembla revealed to him the truth about Anne's death, Yatan experienced a total nervous breakdown. 

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