The Metal Man


Klang, a.k.a. The Metal Man, and his brother "Kel", are two humanoids created by Birrell, the all-powerful Druid of New Camelot, to arbitrate a conflict between Aruna, Goddess of Hate, and Elevan, Goddess of Love.

They began their lives in the Valley of the Seven Suns in the System of New Camelot. After many adventures through space and time, Kel eventually married Elevan, who had incarnated as Vercingetorix's daughter. He eventually grew old and died, but returned to life as an Immortal. 

Meanwhile, Klang, who had been given the ability of turning back into a human, was able to revert to his "Metal Man" form and became an "Incarnation of War", fighting alongside Roland at Roncevaux, Bayard at Marignan, Antonin at Maastricht, Napoleon at Austerlitz, the French troops at Sedan and Verdun, and with the Partisans to save D-Day in 1944.

Klang has recently joined forces again with his brother, and, together with Ozark and Sibilla, now fights supernatural threats as part of The Enchanters.

French Reprints

included in the volume dedicated to Gallix.

1. La Prisonniere des Elvezirs
2. La Furie des Uvagas
3. Sous l'Aigle Romain
4. Dans le Royaume d'Elevan
5. La Cour de Gariod
6. Le Retour de l'éclair
7. Le Mystérieux Birrell