Kel (in the French version: Man) and his brother Klang, a.k.a. The Metal Man, are two humanoids created by Birrell, the all-powerful Druid of New Camelot, to arbitrate a conflict between Aruna, Goddess of Hate, and Elevan, Goddess of Love.

They began their lives in the Valley of the Seven Suns in the System of New Camelot. After many adventures through space and time, Kel eventually married Elevan, who had incarnated as Vercingetorix's daughter. He eventually grew old and died, but returned to life as an Immortal.

Kel spent many centuries in a monastery, but fought alongside Jean Brume in the 18th century, and challenged Tenebras in the 19th century.

In the 20th century, Kel and fellow investigator Rita White were agents for the United Nations-sponsored ODE (Organisation pour la Defense de l'Environnement), the predecessor to the World Safety Unit, established in 1967, and headed by the cantakerous Mr. Green. 

What became of Kel after the disbanding of the ODE is unrevealed. Rita White became the mother of the late NASA astronaut Ted White, who became Homicron I. Her current whareabouts are unknown. During a battle against Ukir in Mexico in the 1990s, Kel was trapped by Tanka in a Mexican sarcophagus and relased only recently by the Strangers.

Kel recently joined forces again with his brother Klang and, together with Ozark and Sibilla,  fights supernatural threats as part of The Enchanters.

French Reprints

The original adventures of Kel and Klang are included in the volume dedicated to Gallix; Kel's 20th century adventures in the service of the ODE are included in the volume dedicated to The Five-Pointed Star.

1. Les Mouches
2. Les Dieux Froids
3. Eden 2001
4. Les Sphères Mystérieuses