Lunatic Legion


Prior to their leaving Earth in 1954, the Benac family's humorous adventures were told in the Tales of Uncle Rufus Coleman. They left our planet aboard the Bolide, their own privately-built rocketship, to explore the Solar System. They returned in 2000 after a series of incredible adventures during which they gained superhuman powers. 

They are: Rufus Coleman, aka Uncle Rufus or Baron Sarcasm, an eccentric old millionaire. His hands can generate a form of energy that enables him to cut through most solids; Dr. Amina Benac, aka Mademoiselle Mademoiselle, a brilliant scientist, the widow of Prof. Richard Benac, deceased. She can teleport persons and objects by pointing at them. Richard "Dick" Benac, aka Bidule, the dark-haired son of Amina and Nick's twin. He can transform into an infinite variety of objects; and Bernard [last name unrevealed], aka Captain Camembert, Amina's cousin. He can turn into a goey substance. Nick Benac, Dick's blonde twin, was reportedly killed during one of the legion's earlier adventures in space and returned as The Voice - a disembodied entity which counsels and advises the others. 

After its return, the Lunatic Legion made its first appearance when it fought Phenix to obtain the help of Professor Quanter to make sense of what had happerned to them. Later, the Legion's help was sought by Captain Giroflée to help defeat the Super-Turkey. During that adventure, the Lunatic Legion exposed the role played by an organization known as the new Mooks Gang.

The Lunatic Legion rallied to help the Strangers against the Towers.