The Mooks Gang


The original Mooks Gang was a rather inept mob of bootleggers operating at the turn of the Century. Their bowler-hat wearing boss was known as the Brain. Other m embers of the gang included: Rudy Gomina, a Valentino-look-alike, tango dancer and general lover-boy; Slick Tonio, the cowardly but dexterous "card shark"; Bulldozer, a strong man, rather dim-witted; The Thumb, a diminutive, waif-like contorsionist (is he a boy? is he a girl?); Bel Canto, the dour enforcer whose only passion is opera singing; and finally Kitty Kream, the pretty but virago-like female member, who has an unrequited passion for Rudy Gomina.

The Mooks met in the backroom of a bar on 70th Street owned by Louie. Their arch-enemy was a rival mob led by Snickerin' Slim, a devious gangster afflicted with a nervous snicker. Slim's daughter, "Diatribe", was secretly in love with Rudy, too.

In modern times, a new Mooks Gang has surfaced, a loose (but still inept) alliance of tacky super-villains. It is led by the mysterious Cybergamotte and known members so far include Major Villain and the Mecharapax, who fought the Lunatic Legion and Captain Giroflée.

French Reprints

1-2. Si on volait un train 
3. Drôle vde rapt!
4. Joujou le Bijou
5. Reviens Chef ! 
6. High Society
7. L’Etoile de Raban 
8. Mon Ami Lafrite
9. Quelle botte mes aieux !  
10. Huit Petits Bandits
11. Une Vie de chien 
12. Guerre de Gangs 

13. On est mieux en prison 
14. La Goutte de sang
15. Une Histoire de fous 
16. Encaisse et Cie. 
17. Viva la Revolucion!
18. Big Match
19. Concerto en 8 Brigands mineurs
20. La Croisière de Milliardaires
21. Les Mercenaires au couvent
22. Un Portefeuille en or