Quanter's father is said to have been a famous British rocket scientist who eventually emigrated to Canada and changed his name, which had become associated with several hushed up space invasions of the 1950s. Quanter was a child prodigy, with an I.Q. off the charts. He studied under Professor Archibald Bolt at Bonnerville College. He quickly became a millionaire from inventions made at a young age, and eventually founded Quanter Laboratories at age 25.

Wrth his two assistants, Alex and Stella (who later left to go to Zhud where she became Miss Meteor), Quanter is known to have personally helped many of the world's governments, including the U.S., British and French governments. Like his father, he is often called when a country faces an extraordinary threat, and carries considerable political clout. He helped protect London against Wampus. He designed the SAMAEL space station for C.L.A.S.H., aboard which he met the Strangers. He invented lifelike robots dubbed "simulacrons", and arranged for the "resurrection" of Phenix after she was decapitated by the criminal organization Phantom. 

Recently, he helped Earth face the attack of the Towers by designing a plasma gun powered by Plasma. Quanter has put in place a "Directive Omega" that will assure the survival of Humanity in the event of a mass extinction. He was instrumental in unmasking Salamandrite No. 17. He protected the Earth from the Hemocrats, and, with the help of Homicron, Aster and Miss Meteor, saved Zhud from these space vampires.

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