Viking is the nickname of Forseti, an Immortal from Asgard (just like Ben Leonard is one from Heliopolis), the son of Baldr and Nanna. In the 5th century he saved ghe life of Danish King Halfsan Skjoldun who adopted him and and called him Rothgar. Victim of the jealousy of the King's other son Halga, he was plunged into a cataleptic sleep from which he woke up partially amnesiac in the 15th century.

At that time, French, English, Dutch and Native American tribes, such as the Iroquois and the Hurons, clashed bitterly over land that would eventually become Canada and the United States. It is within this turmoil that Rothgar, then called merely Viking, awoke thanks to Dutch Professor Von Holland and the colorful French trapper Vinaigre. Viking then fought to preserve order and bring justice to this new continent.

Later, Viking fought alongside Captain Tom Drago against the Croatoan. Eventually Count Saint-Germain persuaded him to rejoin the World of Men. Today, he is a highly secretive billionaire who lives in Iceland. He recently helped the Guardian of the Republic.

French Reprints

1. Le Scalp d'or
2. La Victoire de Viking
3. Capturez Viking !
4. Le Trésor des Vikings
5. Une Voix venue du Ciel
6. La Pierre Verte
7. Les Fils de Jehovah
8. Le Droit des Iroquois
9. Le Jugement d'Odin
10 Le Sauvage 
11 Le Requin Blanc 
12 Le Jugement de Dieu 
13 Drame dans la forêt 
14 Le Rapt de Linda 
15 La flûte enchantée 

Dessins: Sergio Montipo
16 La Vallée des Sirènes o
17 Défi Mortel 
18 Sauvé des Eaux  

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