Ben Leonard


Working as a journalist for The Globe, borm from an American father & French mother, Ben Leonard discovered at age 25 that he was the reincarnation of Râ, Prince of a god-like known as the Immortals, who impersonated the Ancient Egyptian Gods. Killed by his evil brother Set, his soul was projected through time & space by the wise Tho. Recovering his identity and powers, Ben Leonard defeated Set and freed the Immortals whom the villains had petrified with the help of his friends Pipp and Lucy. He then chose to leave Heliopolis (which he entrusted to Osir) and returned to the normal world, fighting other Immortals and the recurring threat of Set. He has since joined the Hexagon Group under the alias of "Râ".

French Reprints

1. Les Immortels
2. Les Origines des Immortels
3. L'Épopée des Géants
4. Lutte de Demi-Dieux
5. Au Royaume de Manitou
6. Les Héros du Kalevala
7. Prisonniers des Sarrasins
8. Lutte pour la vie
9. Panique à New York
10. Le Dard de feu
11. Magie Mortelle
12. Etarr l'Inévitable