Star Knight


Timothy Hudson is an young Earthman who finds himself transported through a spacetime vortex to the far-off planet Oro, ruled by King Gunnar. There, he becomes a pawn in a looming battle between Gunnar and his rival, Morder. Morder has been promised the hand of Princess Lyre, who has fallen in love with Timothy. On the mystic moon of Ator, the Wizard Gabol of Xilos transforms Timothy into the Star Knight and entrusts him with the mission of protecting Oro. Timothy then alternates his time between Earth and Oro.

More recently, Oro was invaded by the Vadirian Hegemon, which has allied himself with Morder. Star Knight fought alongside the Strangers to escape from Station-K where he was kept prisoner as a gladiartor, and return to fight for his adopted homeworld.

French Reprints

1. L'Ange Gardien / La Loi d'Oro
2. L'Énergie d'Antaxès
3. Le Transmuté
4. La Fontaine d'Hydra
5. Un Univers parallèle
6. Le Virus Vert


Books (in English)

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