Homicron (Strangers Origins)

HOMICRON by Lina Buffolente, Jean-Marc Lofficier & Jean-Jacques Dzialowski, cover by Steve Rude.

- Foreword by Marv Wolfman
- Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier
- Classic Homicron #1-#2 by Lina Buffolente
- Classic Homicron #3-#8 by Paolo Morisi
- New Homicron #1-#5 by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Jean-Jacques Dzialowski
- STRANGERS preview.

An Apollo capsule crashes back to Earth. Its crew miraculously survives. But they haven't returned alone... On board is a mystrious entity from far-off planet Alpha... Thus begins the saga of the powerful alien known as... HOMICRON!

HOMICRON is a native of Alpha, a planet inhabited by a peaceful race of scientists whose Envoys turn into energy beings to explore the cosmos. After rescuing the Apollo 19 capsule, Homicron merges into the body of astronaut Ted White, and then later, into that of his fiancée, Dr. Rita Tower, a NASA physicist. 

The saga of Homicron began in 1972 in the magazine Futura under the pen of legendary Italian artist Lina Buffolente. It was picked up in 2001 by the team of Lofficier & Dzialowski, before the character was eventually brought back as part of the original team of Strangers.

Source Material: Classic Homicron #1-8; New Homicron #1-5

7X10 squarebound trade paperback. 364 pages b&w
ISBN-13: 978-1-934543-10-8. US$24.95 / GBP 16.99