The Freeshooters


The Freeshooters (or "Franc-Tireurs") are a group of heroes from the parallel Earth called "Mosaic." On Mosaic-Earth various eras of the History of Man cohabit side by side on the same world. (Mosaic-Earth was the result of an experiment by the otherworldly entities known as the Cathedrals.) 

The Freeshooters were assembled by the Lakota mage Wa-Tan-Peh and are comprised of Greek warrior Andreios, Cossack Ivan Karine, sharpshooter Lightning Lana and Victorian adventurer Lone Bardo

The Freeshooters fought alongside Tanka., Arianrod and Golden Boy to free the Mosaic-Earth from the invasion forces of Set.

French Comics

The Freeshooters have appeared in #6 and #7 of the Season 5 of Strangers.