The Five-Pointed Star


Four living persons and a ghost are brough together by fate to form a pentacle to fight against evil forces: eccentric Professor Archibald Kay, his butler Otto, the Professor's former student Elizabeth Hume, gifted with mediumnic powers, and young, bike-riding attorney Edward Bruce; they are aided in their missions by the ghostly shade of Pamela, who used to be Edward's girl-friend and who died in mysterious circumstances.

They recently helped Mister Song and Ivan Wolonsky in the War of the Cathedrals.

French Reprints

1. La Chaine Brisée
2. Le Cauchemar d'Albeling
3. La Folie des Stammer
4. La Maison des Oiseaux
5. L'œil qui tue
6. La Fin du Pentacle

French Comic