Ivan Wolonsky, Teenage Psychic


Ivan Wolonsky was trained by Hindu master Kashmir and is gifted with vast psychic powers. His father, Alex, is a dapper Interpol inspector, usually accompanied by his assistant, the jovial Sergeant Lefèvre, aka Bombard. Ivan's mother is Danielle Wolonsky. Ivan helps fight various evils, such as a sect of Baal-worshippers and Ukir, aka the Tiger, who, like Kashmir, is a Great Initiate with the power of super-hypnosis. Ivan occasionally collaborates with the super-group known as Kidz and has been selected to be Tanka's successor as an Invariant should it become necessary.

French Reprints

1. Danger de Mort au Môle
2. La secte de Baal
3. Le Vol du siècle
4. L'œil
5. Terreur dans l'Espace
6. Un Lourd héritage