White Mask


 Ben Jungson was born in Marytown, Zambola, under a regime of Apartheid. His parents sent to to England where was educated at Cambridge. He retyurned to Zambola and became a wotld-famous scientist and itherefore "untouchable" by the regime. He rediscovered his roots when he rejoined the tribe of his ancestors, the Panther-Men, fierce opponents of the regime. He then donned the disguise of White Mask to fight apartheid in Zambola, especially the murderous acts of the sect of the Fire Knights. He is assisted by white sympathizer Pamela Rossing whose brother Silver was killed by the Knights and who is secretly in love with Ben but doesn't know he is White Mask, and byTarika, the beautiful leader of the Panther Tribe. He is also helped by Funa, his domesticated black panther. 

White Mask was once a founding member of the Hexagon Group but resigned and swore to never work with them again following the disastrous Black Hive Affair.

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