Silver Shadow


Seven billion years in the future, time is no longer linear but fractal, and the inhabitants of Earth are unfathomable entities dubbed "Fishermen". In that unimaginable far future, Silver Shadow and Karene are "Sopharchs" who protect Earth against a variety of extraordinary threats, including that of the mad neuroform, Duke Oxian, who created the "Arches" which link together various points in time and space.

Silver Shadow is responsible for the creation of a corps of "Invariants" -- including Tanka -- to protect earlier time segments from Oxian's depredations. Other known Fishermen are Silver Shadow's friends Xeno and Zeld, and the mysterious Karman, to whom he reports. Silver Shadow has met the Time Brigade and the Stangers, helping them against Duke Oxian and Kera.

French Reprints

Included in the volume dedicated to Tanka.


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