The Sea King


Professor Emile Cluny performed an operation on his nephew Daniel, a former captain in the French Navy, which gave him the ability to breathe underwater. Their intentions are to explore the bottom of the seas to pave the way for the building of ecologically sound underwater cities. The Sea King recently fought alongside Commander Neptune, Tanka and Marino in the underwater city of Kosmos. Daniel's girl-friend, Scilla, daughter of the powerful French industrialist Michel Cadot, has recently acquired the same powers.

French Reprints

1. Le roi des profondeurs
2. Poursuite dans les abimes
3. Epave de l'Espace
4. Sans titre
5. Le Mystère de Puka-Puka
6. La Panthère des Mers
7-8. Le Mystère des Iles Enchantées

US edition