Rick Ross (Baroud I)


Richard Ross III was secretly groomed by his father to take over the leadership of CRIMEN when World War II began. A dedicated patriot, the young man joined the R.A.F. and, because of its unquestioned bravery and exploits, rose to the rank of Captain. He was captured by the Germans, and interned in the Oflag (prisoner camp) of Horn. The story of his incredible escapes and subsequent missions during WWII became legendary. He was the first Ross to be nicknamed Baroud.

In 1944, Rick Ross assembled a team known as The Partisans to prevent the Germans'  "Grotesques"  from stopping the D-Day landing.

After the war, Ross took over the leadership of CRIMEN and rebuilt the criminal empire. He married and fathered two children. The oldest was a daughter named Rowena (nom de guerre Miss Choc) who was groomed to the leadership of CRIMEN. The youngest was a son,Rick Ross IV, who was infiltrated inside C.L.A.S.H. where he functioned as a mole. Rowena was killed by his arch-enemy, Jean Brume. Rick Ross III unmasked himself before Frank Universal, and was presumably killed during a subsequent battle with Jean Brume.

His son, Rick Ross IV, a.k.a. Baroud II, has now taken over the mantle of CRIMEN leadership.

French Reprints

VOL. 1 
1. Rick Ross s'évade
2. Rick Ross remet ça
3. Rick Ross ne se rend pas
4. Rick Ross passe à la contre-attaque
5. La Tulipe Rouge
9. Rick Ross se trompe de chemin
12 Rick Ross à Londres

VOL. 2
7  Convoi vers Arkangelsk
10 Mission Souterraine
11 Rick Ross en gondole
13 Rick Ross Agent Secret
16 Rick Ross à Paris 
17 Rick Ross contre Rick Ross
18 Le Pirate
19 L’Impossible
20 Les Ruines de Varsovie 

VOL. 3:
6. RR Contre Tous 
8. Le Renard du Désert 
14 RR chez les Cosaques 
15 RR dans la Gueule du loup 
21 RR Travaille Seul 
22 RR en Irlande
23 RR à Singapour 
24 La Dernière Chance 
25 Un Dossier pour les Nazis 

VOL. 4:
26 Chasse aux Fantômes 
27 Le Traitre
28 La Villa des Pluies 
29 La Pièce Manquante 1
30 La Pièce Manquante 2
31 Dans la Gueule du Loup 1 
32 Dans la Gueule du Loup 2 
33 la Croix de Saint Benoit 
36 Terreur à Paris 

VOL. 5:
34 Heures d’Angoisse 1 
35 Heures d’Angoisse 2 
37 Une Petite île de Rien du Tout 
38 Une Lueur d’Espoir 1 
39 Une Lueur d’Espoir 2 
40 RR se Déguise 
41 Banco 


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