Meek high-school student Tommy Spencer became the "super-biker" Motoman to fight crime. Supporting cast includes school jock James Duncan, nice girl Terry, and cheerlader Myrna, who had a crush on Motoman. At the behest of Archie Bolt, Motoman later joined the super-group known as Kidz. His uncle is the eccentric mechanic and inventor of fantastic vehicles that used to be nicknamed "Motorboy."

French Reprints

1. Motoman
2. Motocross
3. Le Syndicat du Crime
4. Le Cirque de la Terreur
5. Les Broncos Attaquent !
6. Opération Kidnappings
7. L'Autre
8. Le Mystère du Lac Balabée
9. Deux témoins en danger
10. Les Justiciers Rouges
11. Voyage au pays des Azteques
12. Les paris sont ouverts