John Mist I


At the end of the 17th century, the Breton Count Guy de Brummen was unjustly dispossessed of his estate by the evil royal steward, Hervé de Vaunoy. His son, Nicolas, returning from the wars, was forced to live hidden among the peasants in the Rennes forest. He married a lumberjack’s daughter, and they had a son named Jean.

A dozen years later, both were treacherously murdered by de Vaunoy’s men. Jean swore to avenge them and, using the nickname of “Jean Brume” (John Mist), the valiant young man fought for the Breton people in the tragic years which preceded the French Revolution.

During the Reign of Terror, because of his noble origins, and despite his acts of bravery, John Mist was forced to flee France and take refuge in England. He arrived in London in 1790, ready to build a new life for himself, but without forgetting his ideals. He set out to hunt down London’s criminals. His reputation as a defender of the poor and oppressed was quickly made. His exploits attract the attention of the sinister criminal cartel dubbed the “Gentlemen of the Night”, who captured him and threw his body into a vat of acid, before dumping the corpse into the Thames.

However, Count Saint-Germain recovered the body and, using the alchemical science of the Twelve Immortals, rekindled the spark of life that remained in its cells and resuscitated John Mist. This new John Mist had wraith-like powers and helped Saint-Germain and the Imperial Guardian save Napoleon from Maleficus. Then John Mist swore undying revenge against those who had murdered him—the modern-day descendents of which are the evil organization known as CRIMEN.

French Reprints

Dessins: Vincenzo Chiomenti
1. Une Epee, Une Plume
2. Aventure à Paris
3. Peloton d'exécution
4. Un Tour de Force
5. Un Grand acteur
6. Le Sosie de Jean Brume


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