Jaydee was found as a baby in the Pennsylvania mountains by hunters. He was raised in an orphanage where he was christened John Douglas (hence "Jay-Dee") Emerson, and eventually found work as a teenager at the Baltimore Times. He befriended another foundling, Mary Stone, and used his metamorphic powers to fight crime. 

Eventually, he met the alien Mikeno who told him he was the son of King Kraan of Tzara, assassinated by Utor the Usurper. With his friends' help, Jaydee defeated Utor and reclaimed his throne. Unfortunately, this was but an elaborate VR simulation designed by the Tarantula to gain control of Jaydee's mind for her master, the Necromancer, and his organization S.P.I.D.E.R.

Jaydee was eventually rescued by Futura and joined forces with the Strangers. He later fought X-101 and Hunter, and learned from Starlock that he is a Salamandrite, an artificial lifeform created to be the ultimate living weapon by the fabled Constructors of Zade (who look very much like the "Tzarans" of his VR dream). 

During his space mission to rescue Jaleb from the Overmind, Jaydee found out that the Salamandrites were created to serve the Hemocrats, and were all destroyed but for three who found their way to Earth.  Jaydee met the second Samandrite, a young Haitian woman, Soeurette Lagloire, codenamed "Glory" by C. L.A.S.H. Glory is Salamandrite No. 57, Jaydee No. 24, and he is now looking for Salamandrite No. 17 who is hiding somewhere on Earth.

Jaleb and Glory eventually teamed up to fight No.17 and were injured in the process.

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