Galton & Trumbo


Two generations of NYPD officers.

Robert Galton and Lewis Trumbo patrolled the streets during the 1980s. Then Lewis retired while Robert went on to become a ranking officer in the NYPD. But their respective sons, Patrick Galton and Mike Trumbo, are now on the force too, Patrick as a sergeant and Mike as a detective.

The older Galton and young Trumbo have recently teamed up with Sibilla and fought Don Calvino's mob.

French Reprints

which includes the new adventures of the younger generation.

1. Galton et Trumbo
2. L'Ange exterminateur
3. Un Témoin Gênant
4. La Fièvre bleue
5. La Veuve
6. La Victime a disparu
7. $100.000 sur le Ring
8. En Représailles
9. Tempête sur Brooklyn
10. Mission spéciale

1. Etat de Siege
2. Quand nos Aînés n'y seront plus
3. Votre arme et votre insigne
4. Les péchés des pères

Robert & Lewis

Robert & Mike