Dick Spade


Dick Spade began his journalistic career as an investigative reporter at the San Francisco Morning News, a newspaper belonging to Sir Daniel Wilson. He then moved to Channel 10 in Chicago. In the course of his duties, he has sometimes helped and sometimes hindered Phenix. Recently, he was shot by an assassin in the employ of crimelord Vega, but mysteriously came back to life as a mullo, or revenant. Sibilla attributed this transformation somehow to Dick's aunt, Madame Armenia (aka Madame Arcana), a notorious gypsy fortune-teller of San Francisco.

French Reprints

1. Un Cadavre de trop
2. Le Dragon Noir
3. La Mort dy Cygne
4. Kidnapping
5. La Secte des Anges
6. El Commodor

Appearances as The Revenant

1. Le Revenant

Books (in English)

Dick Spade's first adventure is included in this book available in our shop.