The Bronze Gladiator


The son and sole heir of Duke Arkadin of Planet Arena in the Trident Constellation, Prince Starko was forced to flee his homeworld to escape from Kahezar the Usurper. who murdered the old Duke. With the help of his friend Lyvia, who remained behind, Starko stole an experimental hypership guided by a prototype sentient computer, Polyvac. He eventually reached Earth and crashlanded at the bottom of a Pennsylvania lake. Soon after, a partially amnesiac Starko helped rescued young Lorna Logan, who enabled him to take over her deceased brother Mike's identity and job as a Special Education teacher in New York City. 

Following his nature and family tradition, Starko then began to use his powers and weaponry to fight crime as the Bronze Gladiator. He recently recovered his full memory and helped the Strangers rescue Jaleb and defeat the Overmind. He then later returned to Arena, overthrew Kahezar and put Lyvia on the throne, naming her the Silver Gladiatrix.

The Bronze Gladiator is endowed with superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina. He can mentally control and modify his body's molecular structure for short periods of time, thanks to his armor's built-in technology. The Arenian armor is keyed in to only the royal family; it enables its wearer to fly, confers upon him a measure of invulnerability, and permits him to control his molecular structure.

French Reprints

1. Le Gladiateur de Bronze
2. Titanus
3. King Kung Fu
4. Corruption
5. Le Peuple des Profondeurs
6. L'Ombre d'Akhenaton 
7. Mutinerie !
8. Dr. Cybernac 
9. Origines

New Adventures

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