HOMICRON, a NASA physicist whose body is inhabited by a powerful alien.
J.D. (JAYDEE), a Salamandrite, the deadliest killing machine in the universe.
STARLOCK, the former servant of awesome cosmic entities, now a fugitive.
JALEB, the secretive agent of a race of telepaths.
FUTURA, a mysterious woman from another dimension.

These are the
STRANGERS, brought together by TANKA, an "invariant" empowered by an unfathomably distant future to safeguard our world from extra-terrestrial threats.

Later additions to the group include
STARCYB, a Guardian and friend of Starlock, THE BRONZE GLADIATOR and THE ZORR-KO, a Fomore android.





  #0 (PROLOGUE): "Rule With Fear"
Throughout the maze of Time, DUKE OXIAN strikes at Jaleb! TANKA arrives too late - the only hope for Earth lies with a team of aliens...

#1 : "Like an Angel, Feral-Eyed..."
HOMICRON asks STARLOCK to assist the international security organization C.L.A.S.H. with the disposal of atomic, bacteriological and chemical weapons stored in a space station in orbit. Meanwhile, on Earth, the mysterious TANKA enlists FUTURA's help, and attempts to rescue JALEB from his comatose state, for he knows the telepath holds the key to their ultimate victory against an as yet unseen enemy. In orbit, the space station is taken over by the robotic army of the power-mad scientist known as ASTAROTH.

#2 : "In the Shadows of the Night..."
In the orbiting space station, HOMICRON, STARLOCK and FUTURA join the forces of C.L.A.S.H. to do battle with ASTAROTH who plots to blackmail Earth with the deadly weapons stored in its cargo. In Paris, TANKA shares his knowledge of events to come with the comatose JALEB. However, all is not what it seems, as a new villain is revealed, one who was secretly pulling manipulating ASTAROTH all along: the deadly TARANTULA.

#3 : "Caresses such as Snakes Give"
The TARANTULA plans to crash the C.L.A.S.H.'s space station on Earth with its deadly cargo, virtually ending all life on the planet. To insure her victory, she uses her deadliest pawn: JAYDEE, an unstoppable, shapeshifting, killing organism, whom she unleashes on the STRANGERS. While on Earth, TANKA and JALEB draw plans, in space a deadly countdown has begun. Finally, the mastermind behind the doomsday scheme is revealed: the NECROMANCER.

#4 : "The Livid Daylights"
From his Moonbase, the dying NECROMANCER schemes to turn Earth into his funeral pyre. But his passing would not be complete without the humiliation of his arch-enemies, the super-group known as HEXAGON. As the STRANGERS mount a last, desperate attempt on the Moonbase to stop the NECROMANCER's suicidal plan, the villain turns HEXAGON against them -- but not all heroes will escape alive from the deadly confrontation.

#5 : "Icy till the Evening"
The NECROMANCER's threat to Earth is not over -- the villain has now taken refuge in his ultimate citadel: a station in orbit around the Sun, from which he plans to cause our star to go nova, using STARLOCK's precious starseed. The STRANGERS follow, and the final battle against the arch-villain takes place against the background of the Sun's murderous rays -- but can it be that it was all in vain?

#6 : "Rule With Fear"
The ultimate chess player has finally been revealed: DUKE OXIAN, the mad neuroform from the far future, who, from the heart of the Sun itself, schemes to reshape the patterns of time. Only HOMICRON and JALEB can safely go where no one has gone before: inside a star, to challenge the awesome entity. Meanwhile, the NECROMANCER's use of the starseed has alerted STARLOCK's former masters.

  #7 : "The Other Side of the World"
After their cataclysmic confrontation with DUKE OXIAN, the STRANGERS learn the secret origins of FUTURA. Guest-starrring: THE OTHER.

  #8 : "Of Endings and Beginnings"
FUTURA and JALEB go looking for Jean VLAD and find more than they bargained for -- enter VIRGIN and SINNER. Meanwhile, in Paris, JAY-DEE fights France's top-agent X-101 and must come to terms with his inner demon.

  #9 : "The Starbridge"
The Secret Origins of STARLOCK are revealed.