CLASH Space Station

ORGANIZATION: Consortium for Law-Enforcement Action for the Security of Humanity. Reports directly to the United Nations' Secretary-General.

KNOWN AGENTS: William "Billy" Brown (Director), Jean Girodet (Head of European Division), Ivan Karine (Head of Russian Division), Dr. Kalamazoo (Chief Scientist), Dr. Jesse Malone (Head of Psi Division), Oliver Nash (Watchman), Mister Song, Miss Kiss, Doug Malone, William "Buffalo" Cooper (active agents), Rick Ross IV (traitor), Ted Brenton, Collins, Hau, Lowers, Perreton (deceased agents), Joanni Bourask, Martins (trainee).

ALLIES: WSU (World Safety Unit), IOF (International Oceanic Force) (other U.N. organizations), Kit Kappa, Professor Quanter.

ENEMIES: CRIMEN (international crime cartel), S.P.I.D.E.R. (Society for the Pollution, Infestation and Destruction of Energies and Resources), Astaroth.

BASES OF OPERATIONS: Aspen, CO (headquarters); network of worldwide bases, including a spaceport in French Guyana.

WEAPONRY: Highly sophisticated. Leviathan (flying fortress), Samael (orbital space station), fleet of IBCMs. Developed the "paverine" compound, a highly-potent psychotropic with Psi-applications.

HISTORY: The CLASH was created in 1947 by then-U.N. Secretary-General Trygve Lie of Norway, with the active support of U.S. President Harry S. Truman. A third person instrumental in the formation of the CLASH was the mysterious Tanka, a man claiming to be from the African Republic of Karunda, whom Lie had met during WWII. It is claimed that Tanka entrusted Lie with certain secrets which compelled the Secretary-General to then propose the creation of CLASH. Headquartered in Aspen, the CLASH hides behind the cover of the multinational CLASH Insurance Corporation. In the intervening years, it has successfully fought numerous terrorist threats to global peace, in particular from the criminal organisation known as CRIMEN, now headed by renegade CLASH agent, Rick Ross IV, a.k.a. Baroud. The CLASH keeps "diamond files" on most of the world's known superhumans, including more recently Homicron, Starlock and Wampus.



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Mister Song and
Miss Kiss

Mister Song

Miss Kiss

REAL NAME: Kazuhiko Song.
ALIAS: "Mister Song".
OCCUPATIONS: Agent No. 1 with rank of Major of CLASH; insurance executive (cover).
PLACE OF BIRTH: San Francisco, CA.
RELATIVES: Parents (deceased), Jiro (younger brother), Yoshiko (younger sister).
BASES OF OPERATIONS: CLASH HQ in Aspen, CO; home in San Francisco, CA.
WEIGHT: 190 lbs.
EYES: Brown.
HAIR: Black.
POWERS: Peak physical condition, strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina, due to constant training. Master of the following martial arts: Karate, Jujitsu (Judo), Aikido, Taijutsu, Bushin Ninjitsu, Kenjutsu and Bojutsu. Practices yoga and advanced relaxation and mediation techniques that enable him to optimise his physiological and mental potential.
BIOGRAPHY: Kazuhiko Song is the oldest son of a family of rich Nisei traders establshed in San Francisco in the 1930s. He was recruited by CLASH at Berkeley, where he was studying mathematics. His exceptional skills enabled him to quickly rise to the rank of Major and No. 1 Agent. Mister Song, as he prefers to be called, is a dedicated bachelor, even though office gossip claims he is romantically linked to fellow agent, "Miss Kiss".

REAL NAME: Sara Kissinger.
ALIAS: "Miss Kiss".
OCCUPATIONS: Agent No. 2 with rank of Major of CLASH; executive secretary (cover).
RELATIVES: Larry, Cynthia (parents), Nathan (older brother).
BASES OF OPERATIONS: CLASH HQ in Aspen, CO; home in Malibu, CA.
GENDER: Female.
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 141 lbs.
EYES: Blue.
HAIR: Blond.
POWERS: Peak physical condition, strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina, due to constant training in martial arts and other fighting techniques. Black belt. Elite sharpshooter. Masters in Engineering and Electronics. Wotld-class Ballerina. Excellent acting skills.
BIOGRAPHY: Sara Kissinger is the youngest daughter of a family of prominent Los Angeles entertainment attorneys. She was recruited by CLASH at UCLA, where she was studying dance and theater. Her exceptional skills enabled her to quickly rise to the rank of Major and No. 2 Agent. Her nick-name came after a memorable mission during which she was able to transfer a microfilm from her mouth into that of another agent. She is currently one of CLASH's instructors, and befriended trainee Joanni Bourask. Office gossip claims she is romantically linked to fellow agent, Mister Song.