The Thumb

ORGANIZATION: The Time Brigade is responsible for the monitoring and control of the pludimensionality of Earth in a segment of of the time-space continuum known as "Sector Rhamno". This spans our galactic quadrant, six billion years from the creation of the Solar System to some unspecified date in the future, circa 1,000,000 years A.D., and all of its alternate timelines. While the origins of the Brigade are known, its ultimate destiny remains unchronicled. In the 41st century, the Brigade functions with teams of four operatives, called a "Hand" since it reports to an artificial superintelligence known as the Thumb. A Hand is comprised of one Coordinator and three Agents. While Coordinators tend to originate from the 40th century or later, Agents are recruited throughout time.

KNOWN AGENTS: Kobul Shan (Head of the Founders, head of the Brigade), Admiral Roun Hagan (Nominal head of the Brigade).
Hand 28: 1: Khanor Rhi (Coordinator, former chronoprogrammer, 40th century), 2: Varna Zelton (time sensitive, former student of Khanor, 40th century), 3: Jason Spell (former archeologist, 20th century), replaced Anthony Brent (deceased), 4: Minus-3 (augmented ape), replaced Rock Klammers (memory erased, returned to his own time).
Hand 17: Carlo Irvensky.
Hand 13: Francis Tumblety (Jack the Ripper, deceased).

ALLIES: Judge Adila Sullivan, Sigrid Lars-Irvenmsky (History), Zolt Zam (31st century), The Twelve (throughout history), including: Balthazar (aka Ptath, Altotas, Faria, etc.), the Count Saint-Germain, Cagliostro, the Pharaoh Imhotep, the Atlantean Tatamoua, the 18th century Australian rancher John Bradcliff, the Karundan Minister Tomac-Ale, Prof. Swan, Wall Street banker Eric Bonfield.

ENEMIES: The Chronophage, The Vadirians, Rodrik (renegade chronoprogrammer), Rosko (Time Pirate), Maleficus, Time Thieves (Mister B, Karem, Patrice).

BASES OF OPERATIONS: Los Angeles, Terra. Penal colony (Psibloc) on Callisto.

WEAPONRY: Advanced technology. The Brigade uses bubble-shaped chronospheres (temposcaphs) that can be remotely controlled through micrtro-monitors to travel through the space-time continuum

HISTORY: Mankind discovered pluridimensional travel late in the 28th century. Two centuries later, Earth's Council of Five appointed the newly-formed organisation Argos to explore and police the Pluridimensionality. Its most famous agent was Zolt Zam. Argos eventually evolved into the Time Brigade, which was established in the 35th century. Most of this was the work of the Twelve, or the Founders, a secret group of immortals, inheritors of the science of Mu, the legendary fifth planet destroyed circa 65 million years BC. The leader of the Founders is Kobul-Shan. The Brigade is nominally under the leadership of Admiral Hagan, but is really managed by the Thumb, an artificial superintelligence programmed and monitored by an elite corps of Chronoprogrammers. Some of the Brigade's most notorious missions include its intervention in biblical times at Sodom and Gomorrah, the Cathedral Wars against the Chronophage, its failed attempt to prevent the destruction of Mû, and its recent operation to stop Wampus from creating an alternate dimensionality in which Earth would have belonged to the Great Mind.


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