Commando unit of the International Oceanic Force, which reports directly to the United Nations' Secretary-General.The IOF was created in the 1960s to police the undersea world, In the intervening years, it has successfully fought numerous threats to the planet. The original team was comprised of American skipper Tony Yale (currently Admiral and head of IOF), French helmsman Jean Pujo (now retired), and Italian pilot Bruno Valeri (also retired), cruising the seas aboard their submarine Shark-09. The latest team is comprised of Lieutenant Lisa Sturm, Ensign Marc Pujo (Jean Pujo's son and a marine empath), and Ensign Mike Ehmadou; their ship the submarine Shark-99 controlled by an A.I. named "Sharkie". Bathy-09 has founght alongside Commander Neptune and the Sea King against the organization Apocalittès (leader: Admiral D'eath), the Sirenides, and Baron Von Bolch. Their base of operations is in Norfolk, VA.


included (along with a new story about the latest team) in the two volumes dedicated to the Kings of the Depths.