REAL NAME: Jean Vlad II (from Other-Earth) a.k.a. Golden Boy.

OCCUPATION: Emissary of the Great Mind.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Paris (Other-Earth).

FRIENDS: Mircea Vlad a.k.a. Futura (sister), Ringart (Editor).

ENEMIES: Jean Vlad I (deceased).


HEIGHT: 5'10".

WEIGHT: 170 lbs.

EYES: Yellow with characteristic, downward-pointing arrow-shaped pupils.

HAIR: None.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: The Other was a gold-skinned humanoid, who was an intermediate evolutionary process between a normal humanoid form and the final template form of a wampoid.

POWERS: The Other was a metamorph with total control over his cellular structure at a molecular level, although he needed water or blood to trigger a total metramorphosis, and fire will shock his metabolism into reverting to the template form. The Other could also shoot rays of bio-energy from his eyes and his fingertips. In desperate situations, if his prayers to the Great Mind were answered, these powers can be magnified to achieve terrifying results.


BIOGRAPHY: The Other was once Golden Boy, a super-hero on a parallel Earth that was conquered by Wampus and transformed by the Great Mind. His secret identity was that of Jean Vlad, a reported for the Paris-based magazine L'Univers. The Other was sent to our Earth by the Great Mind to follow Wampus, for the purpose of spreading chaos. Soon after his arrival, he met his predestined enemy, the Jean Vlad from our Earth, chosen by the Great Mind's opposite cosmic force, the Universality. With our Vlad in pursuit, the Other wrecked havoc in Europe and America. After a dimensional jump during which our Vlad visited Other-Earth, the Other and Vlad met in final battle under Ayers Rock in Australia. There, our Vlad killed the Other in single, hand-to-hand combat.


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